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Social Media Strategies… 5 Benefits WHY You Should Implement It

This is the age of Social Media. A huge percentage of daily internet usage via computers and via mobile revolves on social media websites such as FaceBook, Twitter, Pinterest or Instagram. Initially, people register to these websites for personal reasons – so they can communicate with their friends and family, so they can check out new trends in fashion and technology and the like. But did you know that social media websites are very beneficial to start-up businesses? Here are the reasons why!

Turn Your Interests Into Profits

One of the hardest things to do is decide what niche to enter into when launching an online business. Some people make their decision based on what’s new and popular, some people make their decision based on the profitability of the affiliate programs available for that niche, and some people just pick a niche with proven […]

What Is Your Bounce Rate?

You may have seen the term “bounce rate” when looking at your website’s traffic statistics. It refers to the percentage of your visitors that came to your site, viewed just one page, and left without looking around at all. The bounce rate for different types of site will vary, but generally speaking, if it is […]

Promote Yourself With Article Marketing

Article marketing is the process of writing articles for article directories, and including a link to your website either in the article itself, or in your signature. Article marketing has a few really strong benefits, and anyone interested in doing business online should definitely consider doing some article marketing to get their name out there.