Social Media Strategies… 5 Benefits WHY You Should Implement It

This is the age of Social Media. A huge percentage of daily internet usage via computers and via mobile revolves on social media websites such as FaceBook, Twitter, Pinterest or Instagram. Initially, people register to these websites for personal reasons – so they can communicate with their friends and family, so they can check out new trends in fashion and technology and the like. But did you know that social media websites are very beneficial to start-up businesses? Here are the reasons why!

1.     Decreases Advertising Efforts and Costs

Think of it this way, having a social media account for your business is basically your chance for free advertising. The target market you could reach is unbelievably huge. Just take for example FaceBook. This website has just hit its 1 Billion user mark. Thus 1 billion people can potentially reach your FaceBook page. And that is just FaceBook alone! Imagine how powerful advertising could be if you use all social media websites.

 2.     Generate Sales Faster

One great feature social media websites have is to process transactions faster because of a more interactive landscape. With social media websites, you can easily talk to your customers through the use of chat boxes and the like. Thus, queries get answered real time as opposed to emails sent via your blog or websites.

3.     Pan Out Promotions Effectively

Social media websites is great place for you to deliver promotional data to your audience effectively. In the same manner, you will be able to receive real time feedback from your followers. This is an awesome way to learn how our customers react to your promotions so you can change them for the better if you need to.

4.     Makes Your Brand Visible

The thing with social media websites is the fact that it has the power to influence a lot of people. Your network will be able to share your posts. FaceBook in particular will show all the friends of your followers your activities. It is just merely connecting from network to network where your brand starts to become popular.

5.     Build an Online Community

This will allow you to reach out to people faster. You share content and the whole community n your network will see it. You start a contest, and all the people in your community will be able to join. That is how it works. With the click of a button, everyone will see what you had just posted. This is why it is also essential to take caution in the things you post.





Social media has a plethora of benefits for small scale to large scale businesses. Every big and small brand out there has a FaceBook or a Twitter page. That, alone, is enough proof that social media websites are a great means for marketing products and services.

If you own a business or plan to start one, don’t skip the chance of free and effective marketing and register to social media websites right away. It gives promising results especially on sales and it makes you reach out to your customers faster. Most of all, it’s free! There is absolutely no reason not to try it out.

Carlo Leon Guerrero

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