Success and the Subconscious Mind

You know, the mind is a wonderful and powerful thing…  It has the power to create…  and it also has the power to destroy.  It will give you anything and everything that you give your attention and energy to.

Why do most lottery winners lose it all in a few short years.  Why do some millionaires and billionaires lose it all and then are able to recoup what they were worth before they lost it all?  A prime example is Donald Trump.  A billionaire who filed bankruptcy and was able to bounce back from his misfortune.

Why does this phenomena occur?

The answer lies in their mindset and their money blueprint.  Some people have a poverty-stricken mindset, while others have a wealth-minded blueprint.

The reality is that 80% of individuals will never be financially free.


Because most people are asleep at the wheel.  They live life unaware that they have the power to reach their true potential.  They live and work on a superficial level of life based only on what they can see.  Not knowing that 98% of how their reality is created is invisible…  It is created in the subconscious mind.


Many people live by the saying “I’ll believe it when I see it.”

When in reality, what they should be telling themselves is,


“I must BELIEVE IT in order to SEE IT.”


Think of your mind as an iceberg.  What you see above the water represents your conscious mind while what is underneath represents your subconscious mind.  What you see above water is such a small part of an enormous ice mass hidden underneath the water.


the subconscious mind


Or, imagine that a fruit-bearing tree represents your life and the fruits represent the results that you create in your life.  You may have a bountiful harvest or you may not.   But before you criticize the fruits and your harvest, just remember that it is the seeds and the roots that create the fruits…



It’s what’s underneath the surface… the invisible… your subconscious… that creates the fruits…  the results in your life.

So, what kind of seeds are you planting or allowing to be planted in your head?

Carlo Leon Guerrero

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