Why College Dropouts Are Making Money Online and You’re Not…

How different are things now than they were a hundred years ago? How did people make money, what was their mindset, and how does it compare to people today?

Let’s step back and have a look at the past.

The Industrial Revolution

You may think this is irrelevant, but stick with me and you’ll see how it is.

Back “in the day” when the Industrial Revolution was evolving, there were people who tried to deny its power, who felt it would amount to very little, or crash, or sputter out. These are the people who clung to the past, to the familiar – the ways of tradition. The thing is that you might feel such a mindset is ridiculous, but people are just as guilty of it today as ever before.

The same people who adapted to the changes brought about by the Industrial Revolution are the same people who refuse to adapt to the way people earn money today.



Nowadays, it is quite obvious that the days of having a “secure” job, a “secure” paycheck, and a “secure” retirement are loooong gone.

The opportunities back then were abundant, but unlike today, they were never convenient. They didn’t have the Internet, they didn’t have electronics, televisions, cellphones, and social media, so today – in the Information Age – there’s a distinct advantage over the years long past… so why are mindsets so similar?

That’s really what it all comes down to: MINDSET.

Back then people would cling to old-fashioned agriculture, and today people cling to traditional methods of earning a living.

Your Mindset is Everything

You have college dropouts who become billionaires, and then you have people graduate from famous colleges and ultimately end up in retail, or selling cars, mattresses, sofas, or whatever else. What’s the difference here? What’s the mindset that allows these kids to start making money straight out of college, assuming they even graduated?

Here are a few components:

  • They believe in themselves
  • They’re not afraid to work
  • They’re not afraid to fail

Most unsuccessful people hardly try. They automatically believe that something won’t work, and so they “try it out”. This is so they can say they made some sort of attempt and that it didn’t work, so therefor it must not work, or it must be a scam.  Saying that you’re just going to “try it out” is a presupposition to failure.  Basically what you are telling yourself is that you’ll just commit half-heartedly and work half-ass at it.  It’s either you do or you don’t.

Successful people don’t do this. Successful people take responsibility, they learn as much as they possibly can from their failures. In fact, the most successful people fail a tremendous number of times before finally succeeding. They didn’t give up, and failure didn’t deter them where it deters 98% of all other individuals. They’re driven to achieve their goals, and so they do.

Change with the Times

When you tell yourself stupid lines like, “well, you can’t teach an old dog new tricks”, all you’re doing is creating excuses not to be better. This is all about rejecting responsibility and becoming complacent – to say you want success but not be willing to change or do what it takes in order to achieve it.

What does it mean to change with the times?

For example:

You work in a business that practices these kinds of marketing techniques…

  • Door-to-door advertising and sales
  • Cold calling and prospect chasing
  • Constant advertising in Yellow Pages
  • Hard selling

Do these marketing and sales techniques work? Yes, but times have dramatically changed and these techniques are tremendously dated. When’s the last time you actually looked through a Yellow Pages phonebook?

Do YOU like being cold called?

How much do you like it when strangers knock on your door trying to sell you something?

Nobody likes this stuff, so why does it prevail in business today? Because people learned it in the past and they don’t innovate, they don’t advance, they don’t open their minds to move forward. Today the options are tremendous, and so much better than the alternatives just mentioned. It’s about bringing prospects to you, about being friendly and customer oriented, not chasing them down and hard selling them.

Need an idea of what I’m talking about? Here are just a few innovative marketing outlets of modern times:

  • Pay-per-click advertising
  • Pay-per-view advertising
  • Banner ads
  • Social media marketing
  • Connecting with customers via Facebook and Twitter
  • Online video marketing

Another example is the way you earn a living secure your future is by:

  • Solely relying on your 9-5 job to sustain your lifestyle
  • Letting the government take out a big chunk of your earned income before you even touch it
  • Using the “park and pray” strategy for your retirement instead of leveraging the strategies to make it work harder for you

These are just a few small examples, but the people who are successful in the Information Age are the ones who embrace these new technologies, who innovate, and use these (and many more) in order to achieve the lifestyle they want and deserve.

This is about adapting to a constantly shifting tide. Those who adapt will flourish and experience great success. Those who don’t will struggle and get lost at sea with the other 98% of people who failed to adapt and innovate.

You can blame whatever you want for your failings, and you can assume that these college students who strike success are just “more in tune with the times”, but if that’s what you believe then you’re only fooling yourself.

You must take responsibility for your life and your beliefs, because nobody else is to blame for where you are except for you. These successful kids might have less “baggage”, but guess what? You can shed your baggage and benefit from your own positive life experiences. You can turn your life around and have just as much success as these college students, and even more.

The Successful Do What You Think You’re too Good to Do

You might buy a training course on how to be successful online, but did you actually use it? Maybe you did, and if so, congratulations! However, chances are that you didn’t, because statistically, 90% of people who purchase any self-help or business guide don’t even get started with it.

Out of the remaining 10%, only half even finish going through the guide. This means that 5% of the total will finish the course or guide, and then 2% will actually take action. Only 1% will stick with it, follow the instructions exactly, and make it work for them because they believe in themselves and they’re not afraid to fail.

You have to commit to success, and if it means some hard work then so long as success is truly what you desire, you’ll be willing to put in the work and make success your reality. If you’re not willing, then you can sit on the sidelines and watch as college dropouts achieve massive success while you complain how it’s impossible for you.

The truth is that success is completely possible for ANYBODY, including you, once you decide to commit.

Carlo Leon Guerrero

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