Why Working From Home is Becoming More of the Norm in this Economy

“And the Times… They are a Changing” as the song goes. It’s not difficult to see that today’s economy is no longer the economy that we all have grown and known to be. The unemployment rate continues to increase and yet the cost-of-living continues to rise along side of it.


Personally, I think the statistics being published out there is far worse that what it seems. For example, just recently, the U.S Federal Government had to implement a furlough system where federal government employees were “forced” to take between 11-14 days (depending on the department) of unpaid leave. That to me is unbelievable… The fact that you are force to take an “Unpaid Leave” from a job that you think is a form of security.

If any of us have also been paying attention, their are several European countries that are in the brink of collapse or have collapsed but some how bounced back in the mean time by resorting to ways such as how other countries can some how support them.

Another example would be Japan and its Fishing Industry. In the wake of the 2011 earthquake and massive tsunami that caused the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant level 7 meltdown releasing over 300 tons of radioactive water in the Pacific Ocean. The fishing industry has never been able to recover from this thus causing the surrounding villages and fisherman who predominantly depend on the aquatic wildlife for survival.

Now, do you see just how the world is changing? There are so many external factors that are beyond our control. Beyond our control on how we provide for ourselves and our family. Beyond our control on how our economic system operates. Beyond our control when mother nature decides to release her fury.

But, the one thing we have control over is our “Internal ability to direct where we want our situation to go.” As human beings, we have an innate ability to “Choose”. Whatever the choice may be, we still possess that ability to do so which is what so many of us have forgotten.

I’m here to tell you that whatever your economic situation may be, you have the ability to choose “How to provide for you and your family”, “How to choose the type of economic system you want”, “How to still be okay, even through whatever wrath mother nature decides to throw your way”.

There are ways that the average person doesn’t even realize that can make all of this possible. Ask yourself, are you average? Chances are, you somehow believe unconsciously, that you are more than average, how else did you stumble upon this blog.

The rest of the world that have chosen to be “More than Just Average” discovered how they can be just that, “More than Just Average”.

You can see the possibilities, right???

Carlo Leon Guerrero

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